Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach Blog: A Complete Travel Guide

Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach Blog is a complete guideline for travelling to Cox’s Bazar by cheapest and Easiest way. If you want to travel without any obstacle you can read this travel blog. Here all of the information is practical and real. Now you can easily all kinds of information get by google search.

Cox’s Bazar is the longest natural beach in the world. Every year millions of tourists from all over the country gather here for sea visits. The beach of Cox’s Bazar is about 120 km long. It also has the country’s largest sea port. The location of the only coral island in our country is also in this district. Apart from this, moheshkhali and Sonadia islands are also located in this district. Apart from the sea and islands, the district has several beautiful protected forests. Due to all these reasons, this place is crowded with tourists throughout the year. Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach Blog helps you to visit here cheaply and easily.

Cox Bazar Sea Beach Blog

How to go Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach:

From Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar by Bus: Direct bus from Cox’s Bazar runs to major cities of the country including the capital Dhaka. For example, Chittagong, Khulna, Sylhet, Rangpur etc. There are many Non-AC & AC cars from Dhaka. There are Desh Travels, Senjuti Travels, Tr Travels Classic, Saintmartin Time Express, Imperial Express, Paris Express, Heritage Travels Ltd, Saintmartin Kings Travels, Relax King Service, Shyamoli N.R Travels, Saintmartin Paribahan, Greenline, Green Saintmartin Express, Si Enterprise, Saintmartin bd express, Saintmartin sea view Travels Ltd, Saintmartin plus, Relax Transport, American Express, New Tr Travels, Khadiza Vip Service, Euro Coach, Saintmartin Heritage Travels, Royal Coach Service, Jeddah Express. The fare will be Non AC – 1100-1200 Taka & AC 1400-1600 (Economy Class) to 2000 Taka (Business Class). It may take 12-14 hours. Besides, there is a service called Saint Martin Paribahan which runs till Teknaf. From these  Service of Unique Paribahan and Shyamoli Paribahan is good for non AC and Bus service of Desh Travels and TR Travels is good for AC.

From Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar by Bus : Cox’s Bazar bus is available every hour from Chittagong from Bahaddar Hut. Most cars are also very local. Good service from S Alam and Soudia Paribahan, from Garibullah Shah Mazar & Dampara Chittagong.

From Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar by Air: You can also go by plane. Return fare starts from Tk 8,000 to Tk 12,000. US Bangla Airline, Novo Air, Bangladesh Biman go to Cox’s Bazar. United Airlines is in bad condition, better not to travel on it. If you want to go cheaply, air is the best way, but you have to buy the ticket first. If you want to more details about bus tickets you also read our coxry- Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach Blog.

From Dhaka to Chittagong by train: Many people want to go to Chittagong by train and then go to Cox’s Bazar from there. In that case you have to come to Chittagong by Subarna Express, Mahanagar Provati, Mahanagar Express, Turna Express, Sonar Bangla Express, Chattala Express, Chittagong Mail, Karnafuli Express from Dhaka. You can go to Cox’s Bazar by BRTC bus from BRTC counter opposite Chittagong Railway Station. Or take CNG and go to New Bridge or Dampara to  Cox’s Bazar car. Train schedule and fare details can be found from Bangladesh Railway Website. If you want to more details about train ticket you can read this blog.

When to go Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach:

The peak season of Cox’s Bazar is from October to March. At this time more tourists come because of less rain. In addition, the beaches are more enjoyable in winter, but also more crowded. Although there are off-peak seasons, there are many tourists after the two Eids and the three-day closure. It is not right to go without booking at this time. In the off-season, hotels offer discounts of 30% to 60%. Apart from this, the waves are very big during monsoons. Ships to Saint Martin usually run from October to April. If you want to go to Saint Martin ship you can go at that time. This year the ship is supposed to be launched after Eid al-Adha.

Cox Bazar Sea Beach Blog

Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach Accommodation:

Currently, the hotels in Cox’s Bazar have a capacity of about 150,000 people. So even if you don’t book, there is a possibility of getting a hotel. However, this risk should not be taken at the end of December and the beginning of the New Year. Hotels/Motels/Resorts can be divided into three categories based on price.

Sea Beach Hotel Rent (6000-10000) Taka :

Mermaid Beach Resort, Simon Beach Resort, Ocean Paradise, Long Beach, Cox Today.

Sea Beach Hotel Rent (3000-6000) Taka : 

Sea Palace, Sea Gull, Coral Reef, Nitol Resort, Islandia, Beach View, Sea Crown, Uni Resort.

Sea Beach Hotel Rent (1000-3000) Taka : 

Urmi Guest House, Coral Reef, Ikra Beach Resort, Abhisar, Media Inn, Kallol, Honeymoon Resort, Neelima Resort.

There are also cheaper ones available (like Zia Guest House), do a search. Cox’s Bazar also has some cheap hotels.

Note that hotel rates are likely to be more than half off in the off-season. If there is a chance, it is best to go down to Cox’s Bazar and bargain with the hotel to find a hotel. One should not look for a hotel on the advice of a rickshaw puller or a CNG Driver. Now almost all hotels have Facebook pages or websites, and from there you can contact them first. But it is better to book from December to January. Besides, if you go on working days, you will get more discounts than on weekends. Apart from the hotel, some flats are also available for rent. If you are traveling with a large family, this type of flat may be more suitable for you. 2/3/4 bedroom AC/Non AC, such flats with a kitchen will cost Taka 2,000 to 15,000 per day.  One such flat house phone number (is Alpha Web, Kalatali Road: 01715-683956), Voyager (01616-100400). Apart from this, there are many more in the lane of Hotel Islandia, you can explore.

Cox Bazar Sea Beach Blog

Where you Eat in  Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach :

There are many restaurants to eat at in this place. Among the budget restaurants, the name Jaubon comes first. There are several such restaurants, and the quality of food is pretty much the same. Sunny, rice terraces, quiet. Below is the menu-wise price list. Maybe less/more in season:

  • Rice: 20-40 Taka
  • Mixed Bharta: 75/150/300 Taka (8-10 items)
  • Loitta Fish Fries: 100-120 Taka (6-10 pieces per plate)
  • Corral/Vetki: 150 Taka (per pitch)
  • Cow Meat: 150-200 Taka (2 people can share)
  • Ropchanda Fry/Cook: 300-400 Taka (large, enough for 2 people)
  • Pulses: 30-60 Taka

Panshi Restaurant is a particularly significant name. Its location in the city is a bit far from the hotel zone. Rickshaw/auto will charge 50 takas. The price is roughly the same. But because the food is good, the crowd is very high.

Besides, you can eat Hyderabadi Biryani at Handi Restaurant for Tk 200-250. The location is at laboni beach point. There’s also KFC  if anyone wants to eat.

Tourist Places to visit in Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach:

Sea Beaches: 

Most of the three beaches of Cox’s bazar are famous. Laboni Sea Beach, Sugondha Sea Beach, Kolatoli Sea Beach. Kolatoli Sea Beach is relatively less crowded and Sugondha Sea Beach is the most crowded. You can walk to three beaches with time. When taking a bath, be careful not to enter the water during low tide or when the red flag is on. Beach chairs are available for rent at Tk 50-60 per hour. You will also get a rubber tube at the same price. For more details about Cox’s Bazar you want to visit our Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach Blog Coxry

Cox Bazar Sea Beach Blog

Burmese Market :

 The city’s Burmese market is a favorite destination for tourists. A lot of things from Burma and China are available here. Which includes different types of pickles, clothes, and gift items at a reasonable price.

Cox Bazar Sea Beach Blog

Himchari National Park :

 The distance from Cox’s Bazar Hotel Zone to Himchari is 18 km. CNG can be rented for Tk 300. Also, there is an entry fee of Rs.30. This place is very popular because of the wonderful sea view from the top of the hill. If there are more people, you can also rent a jeep. Jeep can be rented for Tk 800-1000.

Cox Bazar Sea Beach Blog

Inani Sea Beach :

Inani Beach is located 40 km from Cox’s Bazar. Many tourists go there because corals can be seen there during low tide. Usually a car is hired for Inani and Himachari together because Himachari is on the way to Inani. In this case you can rent o

pen top jeep, easy bike, CNG, micro etc. Can rent Tk 2500 (Jeep), Tk 1,000 CNG.

Cox Bazar Sea Beach Blog

Doria Nagar Park :

This wonderful view of the combination of mountains, sea, and sun is at the Daryanagar tourist center near Cox’s Bazar, the world’s largest beach. Doria Nagar tourist center is just eight kilometers east of Cox’s Bazar along the Marine Drive road Cox’s Bazar. The vast Bay of Bengal to the west, the high mountains to the east. Between Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf Highway road. Barachera village is surrounded by greenery if you proceed along this road. This entertainment center is built on the 53 acres of land of this village consisting of five high and low hills. A short distance from Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach before heading to Himachari or Inani Sea Beach, this is the meeting point of the sea and the hills. There is also an ancient cave about seven hundred feet deep from the top of the hill. Tourists can easily enjoy the different forms of the mountain. This Doria Nagar can increase the travel and pleasure of tourists visiting Cox’s Bazar Sea beach. Nature has given beauty to Daryanagar with her hands full.

Cox Bazar Sea Beach Blog

 Dulhazara Safari Park:

It is located 41 km east of Cox’s Bazar along the Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar Highway. From Cox’s Bazar city you can take a local microbus or Cox’s Bazar Special Bus bound for Chokoria to reach the entrance of Safari Park. Rent 60-70 Tk. The Safari park entry fee is 20 taka. Around a 1:30-2 hours walk, you can explore the whole. In addition to the tiger, lion, crocodile, bear, deer, elephant, monkey, human, rabbit, and python, there are about 150 species of animals in this park. There is also a lake inside the park. The scenic view inside the park will surely catch your eye.

Cox Bazar Sea Beach Blog

Moheshkhali Island :

To go to Moheshkhali from Cox’s Bazar you have to go to Fishery Ghat. You can go by CNG or Rickshaw from Hotel Zone. CNG will charge 100 takas. Speedboat departs from Fishery Ghat. If you go to share, you will pay 75 takas per person. And if the group is big, you can take a reserve, in that case, it will cost 1800-2000 taka. A maximum of 11 people can go in the one-speed boat. The main attraction of Maheshkhali is Adinath Temple. There are also several other Buddhist temples in Ramu. You can also see them. The view of the mountains, mangrove forest, and sea above Adinath temple is very beautiful.

Cox Bazar Sea Beach Blog

 Sonadia Island :

Teknaf travel starts from Naf River. Mangrove forests grow along the banks of the river. The understanding of water with the breath root is also great. Sonadia Island well is also a place worth visiting. Sonadia Island well is located in Teknaf police outpost area next to Naf river in the heart of Teknaf city. There is also a nature park located at Damdamiya in Teknaf. Dense green forest surrounded by various trees including Garjan, Telsur, Bahera, Chapalish, Haritaki. Here you will find a variety of birds and wild animals on the trekking route, all of which have developed naturally. Milky Resort will be good for staying in Teknaf. If you negotiate the price, you can get it within 2200 for 4 people.

Cox Bazar Sea Beach Blog

 Parasailing :

For parasailing, you have to go to Doria Nagar. Its location is outside the city before Himachori. 1,500 for every 15 minutes of parasailing. Their Website Link: http://www.funfestbeach.com/

Which type of Clothes take when traveling Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach:

Three-quarters and t-shirts are the most popular clothes to wear in Cox’s Bazar. Bright or light-colored clothes should be worn instead of black clothes. Sandals Take sandals like next or buy them by spending 150-200 Taka. Also don’t forget to take sunglasses & a Hat cap. Use sunscreen lotion if necessary. If you want to swim in the hotel, you can also take a swimming costume. In winter, beach areas experience less winter than other areas. Still take winter clothes.

Some tips to get around Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach on a budget: 

  1. Travel by night in non-AC buses. The night temperature is usually a little lower. Besides, one night’s hotel fare will be sold due to night travel. For non-AC you can check Unique Paribahan, Shyamoli Paribahan, their seats and drivers are good.
  1. Instead of a regular travel bag, carry a backpack that can be carried on a backpack. Usually using trolley-type bags restricts your movement. As a result, unnecessary costs increase.
  1. Fix the hotel some distance from the beach. No problem even inside the lane. First, go and arrange the room by one person, then call the others. The fare will be halved. Do not take hotels on the advice of rickshaw pullers, or auto/CNG drivers, as they will mislead you by getting commission from the hotel.
  1. Walk to and from the beach. Bargain if you want to take a rickshaw or auto.
  2.  In the case of food, if there are a few people, share the main items.  Example: 1 for 4 people. 4 rice (120 takas) 2. Half Mixed Vaji-Bharta (Tk 80) 3. 1 laitya fish (120 taka) 4. Dal 1 (30 taka) 5. 1 cow/chicken/fish (Tk 120) all together at an average of Tk 120 per person.
  1. Don’t forget to order Ropchanda (actually Kali Chanda) or Shrimp Fish.
  1. To go to Himchori, take a local auto from Kalatali Junction. As far as I remember, the rent was 20 Taka. And if there are 5/6 people, they bargained and fixed an auto.
  1. You can go to Inani Sea Beach by local auto or jeep from Kolatali More 9. If you have a car at night, leave the hotel before noon according to the check-out time. Tell the hotel authorities to leave your bag at the hotel as checked-out luggage and move around.
  1. If possible, go on weekdays (Sunday to Thursday), when the crowds are less and hotel fares are cheaper. Three days off, avoid them the last week of December.

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