A Guide To Saint Martin & Cox’s Bazar Travel at Cheap Cost

Saint martin and cox’s bazar is a famous tourist destinations in Bangladesh. Welcome to Saint Martin & Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach Travel blog is the 1st Stage of your journey update.  If you travel to Saint martin and cox’s bazar, this article is a must to read. This article gives all the details and prices for all the places in Saint martin and cox’s bazar. It includes information about accommodation, food, transport and shopping. Saint Martin & Cox’s Bazar is the largest tourist place in Bangladesh.

Let’s Start My 4-Day Travel Journey Story :

Tour Duration: 4 days 5 nights.

Travel Cost: Tk 4900 per person.

After hearing that from next year you will not be able to stay overnight in Saint Martin, I planned the Saint Martin tour. I was so excited about this tour that before the tour we watched the movie Daruchini Dwip a few times  We planned and did it that way. The way they go to Saint Martin in the movie, we will also go the same way. If we go this way, the cost is a little less. Dhaka to Chittagong by train, Chittagong to Teknaf by road, and Teknaf to Saint Martin by a trawler. But it is better to go directly from Dhaka to Teknaf by bus without taking any difficulty. We had fun going this way. My first plan was to go directly to Saint Martin, after Saint Martin, I will come to Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach. Later I thought that Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach from Saint Martin would not be good. That’s why I decided to go to Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach first and then to Saint Martin.

Saint Martin & Cox’s Bazar

Saint Martin & Cox’s Bazar Tour First Night:

We were 4 people. Train tickets were already booked. On the 3rd at 9 pm, we started our journey to Chittagong by ‘Mahanagar Express’. Although called express, the train was running like a local bus  Finally the train dropped us at Chittagong around 4.20 am. After walking from the station towards New Market for a while, I saw a bus of Hanif Paribahan going to Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach. At that time, I didn’t think I would get a bus from there, so I quickly bought 4 tickets and boarded the bus. The bus left around 5.20 AM and we reached Cox’s Bazar around 8.30 AM. reach.

First Night Cost:

         Train ticket = 345 Taka (per person)

         Chittagong – Cox’s Bazar (Bus Ticket Price) = 250 taka (per person)

         Food and others Cost =225 Taka

         Total = 820 Taka (per person)

Saint Martin & Cox’s Bazar

Saint Martin & Cox’s Bazar Tour Day 1: 

We started looking for a hotel after getting off the bus at Dolphin Mor Cox’s Bazar. From Laboni Sea Beach Point, Sugondha Sea Beach Point, the hotel fare is a bit low. So after searching for a while, we went to Dynamic SH Resort. The double bedroom rent is 1000 Taka, the sea can be seen from the window. After getting fresh from the hotel around 9.30 am I had breakfast at Radhuni restaurant and went to the sea beach. We wandered there for about 3 hours and returned to the hotel. After getting fresh from the hotel, we went to the Kolatoli Sea Beach Point. We fixed an auto from Kolatoli Sea Beach Point to Himchori and Inani Sea Beach. Since we were for 4, we took the auto. If there are more people, it is better to take Zip car. I fixed the fare of 400 Up and Down, but for various reasons, he took 100 taka more. I like this road inside Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach very much, the sea on one side and the mountains on the other side. Oh! I got chills to see this scene. I paid 30 Taka to climb Himchori Hill and bought 4 tickets and started climbing the stairs. When climbing, you must keep a bottle of water in your hand. After seeing the sunset, we came to the hotel by auto. We took some rest at the hotel and had dinner at Radhuni restaurant. The food of Radhuni restaurant is good, the package starts from Tk 110. After dinner, I came to the Sea Beach. I walked along the beach for about 3 hours, heard the roar of the sea, sang songs together, and blew lanterns. I came to the hotel around half past eleven from the beach and went to sleep, as I have to go to Teknaf early the next morning.

First Day Cost = Taka 690 Per Person

Saint Martin & Cox’s Bazar

Saint Martin & Cox’s Bazar Tour Day 2:

We left the hotel around 5.50 am, took an auto, and went to Laldighi Bus Stand. I left early because I was going to catch the 6.30 am bus. From there, I boarded a bus called special service. This bus leaves every half hour, ticket Price 140 Taka. Although the name is a special service, it is actually a local bus. I came to Teknaf bus terminal around 9 o’clock. From there I rented an auto for Tk 10 and came to Troller Ghat. Having breakfast at a restaurant called Dhaka Kosturi, but there was a problem when I left. The lanterns that I had brought with me saying that I would fly from Dhaka to Saint Martin were gone. I sent 2 people to buy tickets for the troller and went to the terminal, where the bus stops. I searched for a long time. After seeing that the forehead was good, I went. I paid 230 takas (200 takas for the trawler fare + 30 for the ghat fare) and bought the troller ticket. Going to Saint Martin by troller is actually a different kind of fun, only those who have gone know. It takes about 2.30 hours to go by a trolller. Cargo trollers are safe. A maximum of 35-40 people can sit in one, each troller has a life jacket. First 1.30 hours, when the troller is in the Naf River, there is a little cost in the sun. The fun starts when the troller moves from the Naf River to the sea. Big waves with the sea breeze. The troller just sways to and fro, a different feeling works then. After walking like this for 40-45 minutes.  I finally reached my dream Saint Martin Island. Another name of Saint Martin Island is Chhera_Island. Once the Portuguese came here, so they named it Chhera Island. The local people could not say Chhera Island  anymore, they said daruchini Dwip.

What is there to see here Saint Marting & Cox’s Bazar?

What is not here? The whole island of Saint Martin is a mystery. There are so many forms of Saint Martin that can’t be finished. One form in the morning and another in the afternoon. One way in the evening and another at night. One form in the tide and another form in the ebb.

After boarding at the jetty Ghat, many people may ask for 20 taka fare, don’t give any money to anyone. Now it’s time to fix the hotel. However, we didn’t have to get much speed for this. After getting off the troller, a man said that the hotel is already booked. Since we had no prior booking, we went with him to see the hotel. There is no need to book the hotel on other days except holidays. We boarded the man who took us to show the hotel, he is the owner of that hotel himself. The name is Hotel Sea Heart. ‘ Right on the market. The biggest thing is that we stayed there for 2 days in a double bedroom for only 1300 taka. The guy’s name is Mujib bhai, very helpful guy. But to get sea view, you have to stay in West Beach, there are many good resorts there. So without wasting time, I quickly went to the beach to swim in the clear blue water of the sea. After bathing in the sea for about 2 hours, I came to the hotel and went to have lunch. The price of everything here is a bit high. So it was almost late afternoon when I had lunch  After finishing the meal, I thought I would go out by bicycle but because the demand for bicycles was high in the afternoon time, I didn’t get any more bicycles that day. The tide is rising. The west side is very busy at night. The roar of the sea below and millions of stars in the sky above, walk along the sea at this time! In one word, amazing fillings  I ate Rupchada fries and crab fries from this side and started walking east again. When I was coming, the water was low here, there were people around. But now the tidewater has risen to a high level, there are no people around. I went through a lot of trouble. I got a little scared. So after coming from there, I lit the lantern near the main beach and walked around for 2 more hours and went to the hotel like that day. The next day’s plan was to walk to Chera Dwip, so I fell asleep around 11.30 pm.

Cost = Taka. 955 per person

Saint Martin & Cox’s Bazar

Saint Martin & Cox’s Bazar Tour Day 3:

Since I will walk to Chhera Dwip, I left the hotel around 5.30 in the morning and started walking from the jetty ghat to the east. After seeing the sunrise, I had a light meal and started walking toward Chera Dwip. It takes about 2-2.30 hours to walk. It takes time. During low tide you can go to Chera Dwip by bicycle. Most of the people go to Chera Dwip by small boat, the boat fare is 150 taka. Around 8 o’clock we reached near Chera Dwip. The tide was still a little, so we paid 30 taka to cross by boat. The water here is much bluer and clearer. Perhaps the most beautiful place in Saint Martin is Chera Dwip. The corals here are very vibrant. After wandering around Chera Dwip for about 2 hours, I started walking towards the west. If you want to walk around Saint Martin Island (including Chera Dwip), you have to walk 15/17 km. If you don’t walk around the whole island, you can’t enjoy its real beauty. The more I walked towards the west, the more I was surprised. On the west side, you can really understand why this island is called a natural coral island. Huge, small, strange corals. After seeing them, I came walking in front of Humayun Ahmed Sir’s house. I ate a Coconut Water and started walking again. If you go from west to north, you will understand why another name of this island is Coconut Jinjira. Finally, I walked for 7 hours (6 am to 1 pm) and came back to the previous place. By that time, everyone was very tired, so I went down to the sea to get rid of this fatigue. I didn’t stay up late today. I went to the west again with my bicycle, took a Coconut Water from there and came here again. I sat by the beach for a long time, sang songs. I ate and came back to the beach. After walking around for a while, I blew the lantern and went to the hotel like that day and slept.

Cost = Taka. 660 per person

Saint Martin & Cox’s Bazar

Saint Martin & Cox’s Bazar Tour Day 4:

Today I woke up very early because I had to leave. In the morning, I rented a bicycle and cycled for 2 hours, ate a Coconut Water and went to the hotel. Today the waves in the sea were a little high. After boarding the troller I heard that the troller will stop at Shapuree Island. From Shapuree Island, you can go to Teknaf by CNG, the fare is 100 taka. I got down at Shapuree Island, took CNG there and went to Teknaf Burmese Market. After having lunch here, I entered Barmis Market. Compared to Cox’s Bazar Burmese Market, the price of goods in the Burmese Market is cheaper. After shopping, I came to the bus terminal by auto. I boarded the CNG from the bus terminal and went to Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach via Marine Drive, the fare is Tk 250 per person. If you want to know more details you can read the complete guide about Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach Blog.  In fact, no one should miss this part of Saint Martin. In the afternoon, it is incredibly beautiful to go through Marine Drive. On one side is the sea, and on the other side is the mountain. Aha! I came to Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach around 7:00 pm. I bought the return ticket to Dhaka and went to have dinner at Radhuni restaurant. I came the reserved bus came from Dhaka, that’s why the bus left at the scheduled time, got on the bus and woke up at 8 o’clock in the morning. 

Total Cost = 1770 per person

Total Cost: 820+690+955+660+1770=4900 Taka (Approx)


**** Do not bring coral from Saint Martin. Don’t throw away non-perishable items like water bottles, and chips/food packets, throw them in designated places. One plastic bottle pollutes the soil for about 450 years. Saint Martin is our resource so it’s our responsibility to protect it.

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