The Ultimate Secret About Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach Tour

About Cox's Bazar Sea Beach

Let’s know About Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach Brief. How was it named?

This historic red tin Bungalow House surrounded by the cool shade of mahogany trees is the bungalow of English captain Hiram Cox, who is 220 years old now. Cox’s Bazar district is named after him.

Around 1784, Arakan was captured by King Bodawpaya of Burma. About 13000 Arakanese came here to escape from the attack of the king, took shelter in palanquin. Let’s say, the ancient name of Cox’s Bazar is Palangki. The East India Company appointed Captain Hiram Cox there to resettle the people who had taken shelter in the sea and jungle palanquins. Hiram Cox established a market in Palankee area. At first this market was known as ‘Cox Sahib’s Market’. The names ‘Cox’s Bazar’ and ‘Cox’s Bazar’ originated successively. The place is also known as ‘Panoa’. The word ‘Panoa’ means ‘yellow flower’. Then Cox’s Bazar was the kingdom of yellow flowers.

Hiram Cox took responsibility for refugee resettlement. But he has to spend the night, have to do official work! This is why this bungalow was built in Ramu. English Captain “Cox’s Bungalow”.

Some Important Directions and Information About Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach Given Below. 

About Cox's Bazar Sea Beach

How to go Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar by Bus? 

Buses of various companies depart from Dhaka City as like as Fakirapool, Kalabagan, Abdullahpur, Mahakhali, Sayedabad and Gabtoli in Dhaka on regular days and nights for Cox’bazar. Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Bus Service Available in 24 hour.

Those who want to travel in luxury can take a good AC bus. Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Ac Bus Ticket Price is 1400/- TK to 2500/- TK.

Those who want to travel in a moderate way can go for non AC buses. Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar non AC bus ticket price is 1050/- TK to 1200/- TK

List of All Buse ‍Services Names Who Are Operating Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Bus Service:

  1. Desh Travels
  2. Shyamoli NR Travels
  3. Saint Martin Roadmaster
  4. Relax Premium
  5. Bipul Enterprise
  6. Saint Martin Paribahan
  7. Nabila Express
  8. Saint Martin Love Express
  9. S.Alam Service
  10. Relax Transport
  11. New T.R Travels
  12. Khadiza VIP Service
  13. Senjuti Travels
  14. Green Line
  15. Green Saint Martin Express
  16. President Travels
  17. Senjuti Travels
  18. Saintmartin Heritage Travels
  19. Super Sony
  20. Imperial Express
  21. Heritage Travels LTD
  22. Saintmartin Plus
  23. Dhaka Express
  24. Jeddah Express
  25. Shadhin Travels

Things to Do After Getting Off the Bus in Cox’s Bazar ‍Sea Beach:

If you don’t go with hotel booking then some brokers and auto wallas and rickshaw pullers will pick you up to take you to their syndicate hotels. 

In that case you have to be careful and go and fix the hotel yourself. 

And if the broker or the auto owner goes to fix the room in the hotel with the rickshaw driver, then they will collect a huge amount of money from the authorities which you will not understand. And the hotel authority will take this money from your room rent. 

So must be aware about this things when you getting off from bus.

About Cox's Bazar Sea Beach

Details About Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach Accommodation:

If you want to stay in a luxury 3 star, 5 start hotel or resort in cox’s bazar with swimming pool facilities then the daily budget is more than 5000 Taka. 

And if you are looking for a fairly good quality hotel with a budget of Taka 1200/2000 per night you can stay here.

And if you find a normal hotel and If your budget is Taka 400-700 per night you also stay. 

Here are the names of some of the best hotels and resorts in Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach which I have collected from the internet and from real experience. If you want, you can copy the name of any resort from here and search it on Google. 

Here is the list of names of all types of hotels and resorts which are of 3 star and 5 star quality and some of which provide facilities of swinging pool. You can visit other blogs on our website to know more about your Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach trip.

List of All Popular Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach Hotel & Resort Name:

  1. Albatross Resort
  2. Amari Resort 
  3. Bashati Bay Resort
  4. Bay Touch Hotel 
  5. Beach Resort 
  6. Blue Marine Resort
  7. Coral View Resort
  8. Cox Today Hotel
  9. Divine Eco Resort
  10. Dream Palace Resort
  11. Exotica Sampan Hotel & Resort
  12. Golden Hill Hotel 
  13. Grace 21 Smart Hotel
  14. Grace Cox Smart Hotel
  15. Grand Beach Resort
  16. Heritage Hotel 
  17. Himchori Resort
  18. Honeymoon Resort 
  19. Hotel Agrabad
  20. Hotel Auster Echo
  21. Hotel Bay Marina
  22. Hotel Coral Reef
  23. Hotel Cox Today
  24. Hotel Elaf International
  25. Hotel Hyperion Sea World
  26. Hotel Jol Torongo
  27. Hotel Kollol
  28. Hotel Media International
  29. Hotel Mermaid
  30. Hotel Ocean Palace
  31. Hotel Prime Park
  32. Hotel Regal Palace
  33. Hotel Royal Tulip 
  34. Hotel Sayeman
  35. Hotel Sea Alif
  36. Hotel Sea Crown
  37. Hotel Sea Palace
  38. Hotel Sea Park
  39. Hotel Sea Park 
  40. Hotel Sea Pearl 
  41. Hotel Sea Princess
  42. Hotel Sea Shine
  43. Hotel Sea World
  44. Hotel Seagull 
  45. Hotel Shaibal
  46. Hotel Sugandha
  47. Hotel the Cox Today
  48. Hotel Zaman 
  49. Inani Beach Hotel
  50. Jol Torongo Hotel
  51. La Bella Resort
  52. Laguna Beach Hotel
  53. Long Beach Hotel
  54. Maui Resort
  55. Mermaid Beach Resort
  56. Milky Way Resort
  57. Neelima Resort
  58. Neeshorgo Hotel & Resort
  59. Nilima Beach Resort
  60. Ocean Paradise Hotel & Resort
  61. Pebble Stone Resort
  62. Prasad Paradise Hotel & Resort
  63. Prime Park Hotel 
  64. Rain View Resort
  65. Royal Beach Resort
  66. Royal Palace Hotel
  67. Royal Park Hotel 
  68. Royal Tulip Beach Resort
  69. Saimon Hotel
  70. Sayeman Beach Resort

About Cox's Bazar Sea Beach

Details About Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach Restaurants:

When we go somewhere, one thing comes to our mind before anything else and that is food. We don’t just eat to survive but we love to explore food experiences.

And that’s why we go to different places, to different restaurants and eat different foods. When it comes to eating or finding good restaurants, Cox’s Bazar has plenty of restaurants where you can find regular food, seafood, traditional food and more.

Many Bangladeshi restaurants are familiar with ethnic cuisine. Western and Bangladeshi food can be found in Cox’s Bazar. In this article, we have included a quick overview of the best restaurants in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

Here is a list of some of the best restaurants in Cox’s Bazar beach which have high reviews. If you want, you can see their reviews on Google. 

Best Cox’s Bazar Restaurant List : 

  1. Mermaid Cafe, Cox’s Bazar
  2. Poushee Hotel & Restaurant, Cox’s Bazar
  3. Salt Bistro & Cafe , Cox’s Bazar
  4. Jhaubon Restaurant , Cox’s Bazar
  5. EFC-A Live Fish Restaurant, Cox’s Bazar
  6. Handi, Cox’s Bazar, Cox’s Bazar
  7. Ruposhi Bangla Restaurant, Cox’s Bazar
  8. Koyla, Cox’s Bazar
  9. Sea Lamp Beach Cafe, Cox’s Bazar
  10. Chopsticks and Chutney, Cox’s Bazar
  11. Casablanca Restaurant, Cox’s Bazar
  12. Sayeman YuMe Infinity Pool cafe, Cox’s Bazar
  13. Bonolata Restaurant, Cox’s Bazar
  14. Dhanshiri Restaurant, Cox’s Bazar
  15. Oasis By Hotel Prime Park, Cox’s Bazar
  16. Kacchi Dine – Cox’s Bazar, Cox’s Bazar
  17. Bismillah Restaurent, Cox’s Bazar
  18. FlyDining – Cox’s Bazar
  19. Sun Dancer Cafe, Cox’s Bazar

About Cox's Bazar Sea Beach

How to Ride Horse Carriage on Cox’s Bazar ‍Sea Beach?:

  • Horse carts are available for reservation from Kolatali Beach to Himachari and Inani Beach.
  • Rent can take 1000/- TK 1200/- TK
  • Definitely bargain when you rent a horse car.

Tips & Tricks About Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach Local Transportation:

Tips for those who want to visit Himchori,Inani Sea Beach and Darianagar at low cost.

  • Local autos are available from Kolatoli Sea Beach
  • Dolphin Junction to Himchori at a fare of Tk 30/- TK per person.
  • And if you go to  darianagar, the fare is 20/- TK per person.
  • You must take auto reserve to go to Himchori and Inani Sea Beach for 250/- TK to 300/- TK.
  • Because if you don’t take auto reserve in Inani Sea Beach then it will be very difficult to get the vehicle back.

Transportation to Moheshkhali Island: 

  • First You have to go to Fishari Ghat No. 6 by auto.
  • Auto Reserve 100/- TK
  • Locally 30/- TK per person.
  • You can go to the ghat of Moheshkhali Island by speed boat for 120/- TK..
  • Take a rickshaw driver or an auto driver. Rememver Moheshkhali Island’s auto wala is a scammer.
  • If you rent will be fixed at 300/- TK and at the end of the day it will be 500/- TK
  • In that case, you can keep a video or record of the rental price. You will not be deceived by this.

About Cox's Bazar Sea Beach

Best Places for Shopping in Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach: 

  • Go to the Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach Market or Barmis Market for shopping.
  • In that case, you have to be good at bargaining.
  • Shopkeepers charge high prices if they get tourists.
  • 50/- TK can be asked for 150/- TK.

Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach Directions:

  • Be sure to know the tide time when going down to the sea.
  • It is better not to go to the depths of the sea thinking about your life.
  • Be sure to get along well with the locals.

Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach Caution:

  • Cox’bazar has no shortage of crooks and bad people.
  • You can be lured by a woman or something else and take you to a proletariat or lose your life.
  • Of course, keep the tourist police number saved in the mobile phone.
  • In case of any danger call them within 10 minutes they will appear.
  • There are some dishonest restaurants on that side of  kolatoli/himchor/inani Sea Beach.
  • So beware.

Notes About Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach Tour: 

  • To keep the country beautiful, the beach beautiful and your mind beautiful, please don’t litter anywhere, throw it in the right place.
  • Respect all tourists, but you will be respected too.
  • Women can’t be smart by making stupid comments, but by respecting them. Remember your birth mother is a woman.


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